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MKU Student Portal – Student Portal Login: do you want to login Mount Kenya University to access the e-learning portal, registration, pay fees, register courses, create or reset your password.

Hello welcome to where we discuss everything student portal, on this page we will guide you properly on how to access Mount Kenya University, MKU student portal to either pay fees, register courses or login the e-learning portal etc.

Whether you a prospective, fresh or returning student of Mount Kenya University, and you wish to know more about the student portal, not to worry, we’ve got you covered, keep reading.

What is MKU Student Portal? is Mount Kenya University student portal login page.

In definition, Mount Kenya University (MKU) student portal is an online platform designated by the institution to enable her prospects, fresh and returning students easily share and manager their data on the school’s database.

So, it is impossible to say you’re a student of Mount Kenya University but yet do not have access to the student portal.

In this article, we’re not just sharing how you can login MKU student portal but also how you can create an account and then acquire your login details. Student Portal Login

Before any other thing, I want to describe what MKU student login portal looks like, so that once you enter the page you will be sure it is the right portal.

On accessing student portal, first, you will see the school logo, name and motto at the top of the page.

Next would a menu bar which include buttons such as; home, information update, fees, timetables, course registration, results, my requests, sign out.

Under the main menu bar are; change password, elections, clearance, downloads, e-learning portal, MPESA trans, validation, students email etc.

The next thing you will see is a rectangular box giving you an option to input your ID/registration number and password in other to access the student portal. Below that is the option to create a new account.

So, once you login student portal and you do not see these features, kindly exit.

The essence of these explanations is to help you differentiate MKU student portal or any other imitating platform.

Let’s now move to the main issue of the day.

How to Create Student Account on MKU Portal

As a fresher, before you can access the student dashboard, you need to register online by creating an account on Mount Kenya University student portal

To do this, take the steps below.

  • Open any browser of your choice and visit
  • Scroll to where you see “Applicants / New Students”
  • Enter your application ref no.
  • Then click on “Generate Letter of Offer”

This letter will contain your personalize login details for MKU student portal. Now, you have that, it’s time to login and explore the student dashboard.

Here is how to also login:

How to Login MKU Student Portal

  • Still go to
  • This time, provide your student ID or registration number
  • Then, click the login button

If the information you provide is correct, you will be redirected to the student portal dashboard immediately.

Note that the portal is case sensitive, that is to say, do not mistake zero for letter O.

How to Reset MKU Student Portal Password

Go to, click “change password” on the menu bar, provide your email and then click reset.

Check your email for the confirmation code/link, the proceed to take a new password. Subsequent logins after this, you will be using the new password.

MKU e-Learning Portal Login

Are you more interested on how you can access the e-learning portal for Mount Kenya University? If yes, here are the few steps on how to achieve that.

  • Using your browser, go to
  • At the top right input your username and password
  • Then click the login button

How to Reset MKU e-Learning Portal Password

To reset your password, still go, click reset password on the left menu bar, input your email address and click send password.

How to Check Cat Marks in MKU Student Portal

To check CAT marks on Mount Kenya University portal, login to your student dashboard following the above steps.

Once you’re logged in to your dashboard, select CAT to check your marks. Student Portal Login

Is there any other thing you would like to know about Mount Kenya University student portal? If yes, let us know in the comment section below.

You can also follow us on Google News to get more update about Mount University. Below are frequently asked questions regarding this topic, read through them as it could also be helpful.

How do I log into my MKU student portal?

Visit and input your student registration number or ID and password to login.

How do I Check my MKU Results?

You can check MKU result online via the student portal Login using your username and password, then on your dashboard, click result.

How do I Access my MKU Student Portal?

You can access Mount Kenya University student portal using your registration number or ID and then set password.

How to Do I Pay Fees on MKU Portal

Visit student portal, login to your dashboard, click pay fees and carefully follow through the steps.

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